Standpipe Systems

What is a standpipe system?

A standpipe system is a series of pipes that connect a water supply to hose connections. It’s a pre-piped water system that’s often built into multi-storey buildings or buildings with hard-to-reach areas to help firefighters deploy their hose lines quickly and with adequate pressure and volume.

Repair &

KORD Fire Protection specializes in repair and installation of all classifications of standpipe systems. Our efficient systems offer greater protection by dousing fires faster, and are always installed by certified technicians only. Most often in conjunction with a fire sprinkler system.

Standpipe System Classification

Standpipe systems are divided into three different categories, and they are based on who is utilizing the water outlet in the event of a fire:

Class 1

This class can only be used by professional firefighters. Because the water pressure is very high, operation by an untrained person could be dangerous. This standpipe system has a 2.5” connection with no hose attached. (Firefighters must bring a hose to attach to the pipe.)

Class 2

This class can be operated by trained (non-firefighter) personnel. You will often find Class 2 systems in the hallways of buildings. (They are placed where anyone can access them in case of an emergency.) This system has a 1.5” hose connection.
There have been concerns about the safety of non-trained personnel using these hoses, and this class has largely gone out of use.

Class 3

A combination of Class 1 and 2. This system features both 2.5” and 1.5” hose connections that can be used by both skilled building personnel, as well as professional firefighters.

Dry and Wet Standpipe Systems

There’s also the distinction between Dry and Wet Standpipe Systems.

  • Dry Systems: In a dry system, the pipes are not filled with water until water is needed to fight a fire. Dry systems can be automatic, semi-automatic or manual. 
  • Wet Systems: The pipes in a wet system are filled with water at all times. This system almost always has hoses connected to it already that can be used at a moment’s notice.

Local laws and fire codes dictate whether or not a standpipe system is required for your building. High-rise buildings over 40ft generally require a standpipe Class 1 system.

Whatever your needs and requirements for a standpipe system, KORD can help!

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