Foam fire suppression systems are great for large areas with sensitive equipment.

foam fire supperssionYou will find foam fire suppression systems in areas such as aircraft hangers, oil and gas facilities and warehouses storing electrical components. The systems have three components a foam chemical concentrate, water, and air. Systems classification are ether low expansion foam or high expansion foam. The low expansion foam is suitable for hazardous chemical facilities and high expansion foam you will see in facilities such as aircraft hangers. We specialize in AFFF Pre-mixed Foam Skid Systems and Compressed Air Foam Systems. The AFFF Pre-mixed Foam Skid Systems for class B fires. The systems are designed to operate independently from facility resources.

Although some of the components are prepackaged the system can be customized per state / federal regulations and customer specifications. The Compressed Air Foam Systems is used primarily for class A & some class B applications. This systems is very versatile and can be used in many types of unique facilities and on industrial vehicles.