Monthly Inspection & Annual Service

Monthly Inspection & Annual Service

Fire extinguishers require monthly and annual inspections per NFPA guidelines. A monthly inspection can be performed by the owner of the location but an annual inspection needs to be performed by a certified technician. Our professional technicians can test, inspect, and maintain your fire extinguishers.

All classes of fire extinguishers need to be inspected and serviced, make sure to stay up to date on your certifications to stay compliant with NFPA guidelines.

Our technicians are experts at installing, testing and repairing fire extinguisher no matter where they are located.

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We have two decades of experience keeping commercial and residential buildings safe, secure and up to code.

Our team of dedicated and highly-trained experts are passionate about fire safety and take pride in their work and in keeping you safe.

With our custom approach to fire safety we start every consultation with an evaluation of your fire protection needs, your building, location and budget.

Our no. 1 priority is your safety in the event of a fire. We meet our fire safety standard by being fully compliant with state rules and regulations.

Does your fire extinguisher need it’s monthly or annual inspection?

A monthly inspection of a fire extinguisher is done by the owner of the location. You must ensure the extinguisher is in it’s designated area with the proper signage. You need to make sure that the pressure gage is fully functioning and not below the green line. Lastly make sure that there is no physical damage to your fire extinguisher.

Per NFPA 10, a full maintenance check is required on an annual basis, this is required to be done by a certified technician. Our Certified technician will come to you location and check each of your fire extinguishers for leaks, pressure loss, and all mechanical parts. They will determine if your fire extinguishers need further testing. If they don’t then they they will add a certification tag.

Our Technicians are experts at installing, testing and repairing fire extinguishers no matter if it’s for home, car, or boat. We are dedicated to keeping you and your family safe from fires with custom fire protection solutions designed around your needs.

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