Fire Suppression Services

We handle the installation and maintenance of your fire suppression systems in commercial and industrial locations.

It is required to test/inspect all fire suppression systems on a semi-annual basis.

Our team of fire suppression technicians can install Kitchen/UL-300 Fire Suppression, CO2 Fire Suppression Systems, Foam Fire Suppression, Clean Agent Fire Suppression, Vehicle Fire Suppression.

We work with industries of every kind. Which is why we have a diverse team of technicians to make sure you get the highest quality service.

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    Kitchen/UL-300 Fire Suppression

    Clean Agent Fire Suppression

    CO2 Fire Suppression

    Dry Chemical Fire Suppression

    Vehicle Fire Suppression

    Foam Fire Suppression

    Room Integrity Testing

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    We can design and install fire suppression to provide protection in various applications.

    Installation & Certification

    We take a custom approach to fire safety solutions, designing systems that best fit the application and hazard it’s protecting.


    Our knowledgeable certified fire protection technicians will perform your required repairs in accordance to manufacture requirements, NFPA codes, and local jurisdiction requirnments.

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