CO2 Suppression Systems

CO2 Suppression Systems

One of the best environmentally friendly solutions on the market today for fire suppression is the CO2 (carbon dioxide) systems. The CO2 Fire Suppression System are one of many solutions that have taken the place of the Halon 1301 systems that deplete the ozone layer of the earth. One of the best features of the CO2 systems is that after you have a fire and the systems is triggered, the CO2 has a fast expansion rate and there is no clean up of chemicals. The CO2 Fire Suppression System gas dissipates safely into the atmosphere with no adverse effects to the environment or human and animals. If the fire sprinkler system was a water based system you would have a lot of clean up of the area, including flood /water damage remediation and possible mold remediation. The CO2 Fire Suppression System on the market today have three classifications.

High-Pressure Carbon Dioxide Systems

  • Great for non-occupied areas
  • Can be manually activated
  • Systems can be custom designed
  • 35-120 pound capacity
  • Class A, B, and C hazards
  • UL, ULC, and FM approved
  • Time delay systems available
  • No residue
  • Non-corrosive and non-conductive

Bulk – Low Pressure Carbon Dioxide Systems

  • Automatic detection and control
  • Class A, B, or C fires
  • 3 3/4 – 46 ton capacity
  • Total flooding
  • Activation  =>  Electric: Pneumatic: Mechanical:

Mini – Bulk Low Pressure Carbon Dioxide Systems

  • Configured vertically to save valuable floor space
  • Great for non-occupied areas
  • he refrigerant media, R134a, is environment-friendly
  • printing presses
  •  Great for transformer vaults/electrical cabinets, open pits, dip tanks, rolling mills, ovens, coating machines, process equipment, exhaust and fume handling systems, flammable gas or liquid storage areas, generators, and inerting applications.
  • Suitable for Class A, B, or C fires
  • 1000-1500 pound capacities
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