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Serving all of Southern California, from Los Angeles to Palm Springs, our NFPA-compliant Fire Sprinkler Services are not just effective; they’re your most reliable solution for controlling and extinguishing fires. At KORD Fire Protection, we proudly hold full licenses and certifications for the design, installation, and maintenance of fire sprinkler systems. Our active commitment shines through in our comprehensive work from Sprinkler installations, to completion, and onto repair of these systems when needed. Assuring you that your fire system is not just ready but actively operational, poised to safeguard lives and property during emergencies.

Whether you need a new NFPA-compliant fire sprinkler system, installation, or repairs, elevate your fire safety with our unmatched services. Contact us via phone or email, and our fire safety experts will discuss your existing fire protection system, tailoring our services to meet your specific needs in safeguarding lives and property.

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Fire Sprinkler System Installation

We’ve been installing and maintaining fire sprinkler systems in Southern California, from Los Angeles to Palm Springs, for over 20 years. We stay up to date on the latest rules and regulations, and make sure you are, too. Our certified technicians ensure that our commercial and residential systems meet the highest standards for safety and efficacy to meet all LA standards.

Inspection & Maintenance

We are certified and licensed in in-house fire sprinkler design and installation.
Using AutoCAD fire sprinkler system design software, we’ll create a custom fire sprinkler solution for your property in accordance with strict NFPA standards.


Our seasoned and certified technicians stand ready to address all your fire prevention requirements, offering expertise in design, maintenance, testing, and fire sprinkler repair services. Whether you need assistance in the initial stages or seek ongoing support, our team ensures comprehensive solutions to keep your fire protection system in optimal condition.

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Repositioning Fire Sprinklers

On top of doing a fire sprinkler system installation, sprinkler repair, or just general sprinkler services, we also do fire sprinkler repositioning. Our Reg 4 certified techs are prepared to complete the jobs specific to your needs.

But why would you need your fire sprinklers re-positioned?

The reason so, is that there must be 18 inches of clearance for every sprinkler head in order to remain within NFPA guidelines. Specifically, NFPA 13 guidelines. The reason for this rule is to ensure the most optimal and effective coverage for proper functioning. Our certified techs are well prepared and understand how following this guideline maintains a safe and effective fire protection system.

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Fire Sprinkler Installation Service & Repair

Our Fire Sprinkler Installation Service starts with a thorough on-site inspection, followed by design with blueprints, installation, certification and maintenance.  

We are also certified to inspect and repair existing fire sprinkler systems and perform corrosion management.

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In the course of regular business operations and unforeseen incidents, such as accidentally hitting a sprinkler head with a ladder, a building’s fire sprinkler systems may go through wear and tear. Kord Fire Protection, as your reliable partner, not only actively detects and resolves deficiencies during routine inspections, but also stands prepared to promptly address any emergency service requirements. We’ll identify any shortfalls during regularly scheduled inspections. Trust us to ensure the optimal performance and reliability of your fire sprinkler systems with our proven track record of reliability. When we do a fire sprinkler installation, we make sure to do it right and compliant with local and state guidelines.

Types of Fire Sprinkler Systems

Wet Pipe Sprinkler System

The most common sprinkler system in today’s buildings. The piping in this system has a constant water supply to ensure that when water is needed, it gets to the fire as quickly as possible.

In the event of a fire, the temperature around the sprinkler head rises, breaks the glass bulb or fusible link and water flows out. This way only the necessary sprinkler heads are activated, keeping water damage to a minimum.

Dry Pipe Sprinkler System

Dry Pipe systems operate in much the same way as wet pipe systems. The difference is that the pipes are not constantly filled with water. This makes the system suitable for buildings located in cold climates and buildings with cold storage areas where water in the pipes would be at high risk of freezing. 

A dry pipe system holds the water back until it is needed. However, the size of this system is limited to keep the time it takes for the water to flow out at a minimum.

Deluge Sprinkler System

Deluge systems are similar to preaction systems in that they use another type of detection for operation. Instead of getting water flow from individual heads that have operated, once water fills the system, water will flow from every sprinkler head. Much like a preaction system, a deluge valve will keep water from filling the system until the operation of another type of detection system, such as smoke detection. Once that detection system is activated, water not only fills the system but flows from the open sprinklers or nozzles.

Pre Action Sprinkler System

Of all the sprinkler system types perhaps the most complicated is the pre action system. There are three different types of pre action systems, a non-interlock system, a single interlock system, and a double interlock system. The main difference between pre action systems and wet and dry pipe systems is that a specific event (or events) must happen before water is released into the system. This might sound similar to a dry pipe system, but the differences lie in what event triggers the release of the water

Fire Sprinkler FAQS

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What Our Customers
Have To Say

E“We were very impressed with their service!”

We recently had Kord Fire Protection install a new fire sprinkler system in our office building in Los Angeles, and we were very impressed with their service. Their team was able to design and install a system that is perfectly tailored to our building’s layout and needs, and they made sure to minimize disruption to our daily operations during the installation process. We feel much more confident in our ability to prevent and respond to potential fires, thanks to the reliable and efficient fire sprinkler system provided by Kord Fire Protection


M“Kind and Considerate”

Carlos and Mike were great! They were the first ones to contact us when we searched for tree removal on Angi. They came to the house, and gave us a fair quote on removing a large dead bougainvillea and surrounding random plants and weeds… They replaced the bougainvillea and put in some new plants as well as some serious work refurbishing the planter. They were kind and considerate to our needs. Carlos told us we could always call him for any questions or further needs. We definitely will! Our thanks to them for a wonderful job.


A“Kord fire protection was very quick to get back to us and beat every company with their competitive pricing”

Our back up generator and fire pump required service since they have not been used for years and we contacted many fire protection companies is Los Angeles and Palm Springs to give us a quote. Kord fire protection was very quick to get back to us and beat every company with their competitive pricing. We will also hire them for future fire prevention projects


R“These days more than ever I so appreciate a company that can come to the rescue”

You know when you need a emergency service on your home fire sprinkler system you need it to be handled professionally. We had our pressure gauge blow on a Sunday afternoon. The Company that installed it, many years ago, no longer handle residential systems. I called Kord and the people that handled the phone understood the problem and got us scheduled. The Tech, Caesar, was there within hours of the call and was knowledgeable and got the job done efficiently. He made recommendations for other maintenance to be done to keep the system in good order which we will schedule soon.


S“Best fire protection company in the business!”

By far best company I have ever worked with, after a lot of research I found them gave them a shot they got the work done instantly. Today they showed up I was surprised because I didn’t called them but they told me it was just the 6 month follow up, AMAZING ! I didn’t have to call them or remind them of anything and honestly I didn’t even remember myself. Loved it super organized, profesional, and affordable. Best fire sprinklers in LA!


A“Loved it super organized, profesional, and affordable.”

I work for a property management company in Palm Springs and we had a fire in one of our units. We needed the fire sprinklers repaired in order to get water turned back on to the building. Kord Fire sent someone out the very next day, which was a weekend. The technician, Alberto, arrived early was efficient, professional and friendly. He was awesome!! Marisol was emailing me back and forth unit well into the night before to make sure we were taken care of. I highly recommend this company!



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