Fire Extinguisher Replacment

Replacing Your Fire Extinguisher

Fire extinguishers may need to be replaced for a few different reasons. It is important to replace then if needed because they can mean the difference between a small fire only lasting a few seconds and it growing out of control. Our experienced technicians can replace or recharge your fire extinguishers so you and your location stays compliant with current California regulations.

Our team of certified trained professionals are equipped to handle every step of the process, from inspection and maintenance to the full recharging process of your fire extinguisher:

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We have two decades of experience keeping commercial and residential buildings safe, secure and up to code.

Our team of dedicated and highly-trained experts are passionate about fire safety and take pride in their work and in keeping you safe.

With our custom approach to fire safety we start every consultation with an evaluation of your fire protection needs, your building, location and budget.

Our no. 1 priority is your safety in the event of a fire. We meet our fire safety standard by being fully compliant with state rules and regulations.

Why should you replace your fire extinguisher?

  • After using the fire extinguisher might be low on pressure or fire suppressant.
  • When a fire extinguisher sits inactive for too long it can lose pressure and become non-complaint.
  • The canister is damaged, which may lead to worse issues.
  • If it fails hydrostatic testing then it shouldn’t be able to hold the fire suppressant.
  • A fire extinguisher should also be replaced every ten to twelve years.
  • Your fire extinguisher should also be replaced because of other physical damages like a broken lock pin or a broken handle.

Fire extinguishers have a variety of uses and are extremely important for each one. This is why you need to stay complaint with your fire extinguishers, and our technicians can keep you up to date and safe. Give us a call and we can replace your fire extinguishers if need be.

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