emergency exit light installation

Emergency Exit Light Services

Emergency Exit Light Services

Emergency exit signs and lights are important for ensuring timely evacuations during a power outage, fire, or another emergency. Exit lights are, of course, used to identify points of evacuation. Emergency Exit Light Services help maintain proper function. And helps lights stay illuminated and identify exit pathways, such as hallways and stairwells. Emergency Light Testing standards and codes can differ by state and even region. Without properly working emergency lights and exit signs, evacuation from a building during a power outage can be quite difficult, to say the least. The worst possible time to discover something isn’t operating correctly is during an emergency. Scheduling a emergency exit light service to be done in advance can help prevent this from happening.

Whether you need emergency exit light installations, emergency light testing, or another related service. Our highly trained technicians are experienced and ready to ensure your system complies with NFPA and local municipal codes.

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Emergency Exit Light Installation

Again, codes and standards for emergency exit lights can vary depending on state and municipality. Failure to adhere to these rules and regulations can result in hefty fines or even jail time. For this reason, it’s important to have a professional handle your installation needs.

Emergency Light Testing

To comply with the National Fire Protection Association’s Life Safety Code (or NFPA 101), emergency lights and exits must be tested for 30 seconds monthly. Emergency system batteries, on the other hand, are to be tested for 90 minutes yearly. Emergency Light Testing ensures emergency lighting remains functional in the event of a power outage.

Emergency Exit Light Services

Emergency light servicing is not just about adherence to regulations. it’s also about safety. Emergency exit lights and signs are paramount for ensuring timely evacuations in the case of fires or power outages.

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Repair and Installation

We install and repair emergency exit lights and signs as well as install medical safety equipment. We design all of our systems with quality, dependable equipment backed by the manufactures guarantee. Every business must have clearly marked emergency exits, ensuring safety during emergencies. Our services hold licenses and certifications that meet all California, local, and federal regulations.

Our services include:

  • Testing emergency lights
  • Testing emergency exit lights
  • Replacing bulb and repairing units
  • Testing of batteries
  • Installation of additional fixtures
  • Blueprint design for Emergency Exit Light Installation

For Emergency Exit Light Installation or repairs to Exit Signs, call us now for a free consultation.

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Who is responsible for installing emergency lighting?

Trained professionals will handle this. But it falls on the property owner to ensure lights are in working order. It also includes keeping detailed records of prior inspections and scheduling installations and test with certified experience professionals.

Do emergency exit lights have to be hardwired?

To comply with lighting codes, yes. Hardwire these emergency exit signs to a primary electrical supply. On top of that, they need a internal battery backup. According to OSHA, photo-luminescence lighting is an acceptable alternative to batty-powered lighting.

Should Emergency Exit Signs Be Red Or Green?

Like many other regulations, the color of the exit sign is up to the discretion of the individual municipalities. Some areas have adopted red as their official color, while others have chosen green. Orange has also been used in some cases.

How often should emergency exit lights be tested?

Test emergency exit lights monthly to ensure they function properly during emergencies. Regular testing helps verify that the lights provide adequate illumination and comply with safety regulations. This routine maintenance enhances overall safety in buildings.

Different Types of Emergency Light Systems:

Illuminated Emergency  Exit Sign

Maintained Emergency Exit Lighting

Maintained emergency lights connect directly to the main electrical power supply. During power outages, connected batteries keep the lights on.

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Sustained Emergency Exit Lighting

Maintained emergency lights connect directly to the main electrical power supply. They rely on connected batteries to keep the lights on during power outages.

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Non-Maintained Emergency Exit Lighting

Non-maintained emergency lights activate only during emergencies.These non-maintained systems use backup batteries as a power source.

E“Excellent service!”

Recently had emergency exit lights installed by Kord Fire Proteciton in Palm Springs. The team was professional and the installation was completed quickly. Impressed with their service! They addressed our concerns and even some questions they probably have heard hundreds of times. These guys were professionals through and through. We will going with them for any future maintence for our emergency lights.


M“Very satisfied!”

I’m really impressed with the emergency exit light services we received in LA. The team from Kord Fire Protection was efficient and thorough. They ensured our lights were up to code and provided useful maintenance advice. Very satisfied!


A“Solid job!”

Had our emergency exit lights serviced in LA by Kord FIre Protection and they were great. The technician showed up right on time, checked everything out, and fixed what needed fixing. Solid job!


R“Definitely recommend them if you’re in LA and need reliable service.”

Gotta give props to Kord Fire Protection for their emergency exit light services in LA. Safety’s key, and they nailed it. Scheduling was a breeze, tech was super detailed, and they even gave us tips to keep things running smooth. Definitely recommend them if you’re in LA and need reliable service.


S“Efficient and friendly.”

Emergency exit lights serviced by Kord Fire Protection in LA—thumbs up! Tech was efficient and friendly. Will use them again for sure!


A“Quick, thorough, and in tip-top shape.”

Couldn’t be happier with the emergency exit light services we received in Palm Springs from Kord Fire Protection. They were quick, thorough, and made sure everything was in tip-top shape. Great job!


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Maintaining your emergency exit lights ensures safety during emergencies like power outages or fires. We make it easy to achieve reliable servicing and peace of mind. Ensuring compliance and readiness for any situation, whether in Palm Springs or elsewhere.

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