Enhancing Fire Sprinkler Coverage: A Step-by-Step Guide to Repositioning

Introduction: Repositioning fire sprinkler heads within ceiling panels is a task best handled by experienced professionals. Whether you’re optimizing your fire suppression system or dealing with limited access, Majestic Fire Protection offers a systematic approach to simplify this crucial process. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps involved in relocating sprinkler heads for improved coverage.

Step 1: Identify the New Sprinkler Head Location

Majestic Fire Protection’s seasoned installation experts begin by assessing the room and identifying the optimal locations for the new sprinkler heads. After taking precise measurements, they mark and prepare a hole for the new sprinkler head.

Once the new location is established, they locate the old sprinkler head to determine the required pipe extension length to meet code regulations.

Step 2: Set the Path

Next, the team evaluates the new location for any obstructions that need to be cleared. Any materials like insulation are removed, and the length of pipe needed for extending the waterline is measured. The team proceeds to cut and prepare a new pipe based on the measurements.

Step 3: Remove the Old Sprinkler Head

Prior to installing the new pipe, the old sprinkler head is removed and capped. The water supply is shut off at the intake connection, and precautions are taken to control any residual water. Safety measures are rigorously followed at every stage.

Step 4: Extend the Water Line

The newly cut pipe is installed, extending the waterline to just above the hole for the new sprinkler head. A measurement is taken from the extension pipe to the ceiling tile hole, and a new pipe is cut accordingly. This pipe is then threaded, taped, and attached to the new sprinkler head.

Majestic Fire Protection’s mobile tool and machine shop allow for precise measurement, cutting, rethreading, and taping of the pipe to fit the specific site requirements. This ensures a quick and accurate installation process.

Step 5: Connect the New Sprinkler Head to the Extended Waterline

The new sprinkler head and pipe are connected to the extended waterline. After securing the new head in the ceiling tile, all connections are tightened. Once all the fire sprinkler heads in the designated area have been replaced, preparations are made to turn on the water supply and check for any leaks.

Step 6: The Process of Checking Our Work

Before completing the installation, thorough checks are conducted to ensure there are no water leaks in the plumbing. This process is executed meticulously, allowing for immediate water shutoff if needed.

The team follows these steps:

  1. Ensure clear water lines and set the intake pressure to 90 PSI.
  2. Monitor the exterior PIV Valve where the water supply to the sprinkler system is restored.
  3. Activate the fire alarm, which rings until the system reaches 90 PSI.
  4. Inspection teams verify each new sprinkler head’s installation in their respective areas.
  5. Team leader stands ready to shut off the PIV Valve if any issues arise.

With every new sprinkler head installed and double-inspected, the ceiling tile is replaced, completing the repositioning process.

Conclusion: For simplified code-compliant fire sprinkler repositioning and maintenance, don’t hesitate to reach out to Majestic Fire Protection. From routine upkeep to occasional updates, our experts are ready to assist you. Contact us to schedule a site visit today.

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