reg 4 fire pump

Regulation 4
Fire Pump Test

reg 4 fire pump

Regulation 4
Fire Pump Test

Reg 4 Fire Pump Test

When it comes to fire safety in the city of Los Angeles, Chief’s Regulation 4 is the shining example of what should be followed. Regulation 4 Fire Pump test is a subset of the general reg 4 rule, and a crucial element in upholding the integrity of firefighting systems. Specifically tailored for Los Angeles buildings, this examination ensures that fire pumps are not just operational, but perform at their peak in the event of a emergency.

Take charge of your buildings fire safety and the people inside it. Don’t delay getting your property certified. Let us help you get your fire pumps to compliance and ensure precision meets regulation for robust protection of lives and property.

If we set an appointment, we will show up to inspect the fire pump on the agreed date. And find out what needs to be done to get you compliant with Reg 4.

Here we will make necessary repairs or additions depending on our findings in order to be compliant and to pass the upcoming Reg 4 fire pump on your building.

After that. we then go through conducting the rigorous Regulation 4 fire pump test in order to make sure it meets Los Angeles’s Chief Regulation 4 compliance.

If the test is passed, we will give you the success quote and paperwork detailing such success. If the test is failed, we will provide you the fail quote and associated papers.

What We Help You Accomplish

When it comes to testing fire pumps in the Southern California area, especially in Los Angeles to be inline with Regulation 4 standards. We’ll make staying up to code easy for you to achieve, with the knowledge and experience we have cultivated throughout the years.

chief's reg 4 fire pump valve

How often is the Regulation 4 fire pump test done?

When it comes to the Reg 4 fire pump test, the test needed for optimal performance would have to be done twice in a given year. At minimum, it is recommended you do it annually to ensure proper functionality in-case of an emergency. To best protect the people and the building together.

Is a Reg 4 fire pump test the same as a NFPA 25 test?

Quick answer, no. The long answer, is that due to specific building types prevalent in Los Angeles, more rigorous and frequent testing is needed than what is mandated with just NFPA. The Reg 4 fire pump test takes this into account while NFPA 25 does not.

reg 4 fire pump test

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