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You read it correctly. The NFPA Conference 2024 is just around corner, and promises to once again bring in a dynamic gathering of industry experts, thought leaders, and industry veterans all in one place. The NFPA annual conference and expo, as you can probably tell from its name, happens yearly, and its almost here once again. If you didn’t know that the fire protection industry had an expo, or just want more information regarding the conference, and what we will be doing there, we’ll be delving right into that ahead.

NAFED Conference 2024 Presentation
Speaker at NAFED 2024

The NFPA annual conference and expo is a flagship event that has been setting the standard for fire safety conferences for years. There are other fire protection industry expos, like the recently ended NAFED convention that happens every march. But the NFPA expo is the biggest. This conference once again takes center stage in 2024, and continues to offer an unparalleled platform for networking, knowledge sharing, and exploring cutting-edge technology in this industry.

Educational Sessions

The upcoming NFPA Conference 2024 will provide a wide range of educational sessions to further enhance your expertise. From the latest fire safety codes to new emerging technologies. The NFPA Expo is keeps you at the forefront of the industry.


The NFPA Convention offers hands-on workshops led by industry experts that provide a unique opportunity to gain new practical insights. Whether a seasoned professional, or just starting out, we recommend these workshops highly.

Exhibit Floor

The expo floor is a bustling hub of innovation and knowledge. Featuring leading companies and manufacturers showcasing their products and services alike. You’d be first in line to see the new technologies that will be arriving soon!

NFPA Conferenece Networking
NAFED Networking

On top of the above mentioned opportunities/activities, the NFPA annual conference 2024 also allows people in the industry, from old to new, to interact and form business partnerships. It is a prime networking opportunity that you can others can mutually benefit from. But it remains up to how you hold yourself in order to connect with like minded professionals and build valuable relationships to help you in this industry. The NFPA Expo offers a very unique opportunity to connect with people in the industry you may have not get a chance to speak directly to otherwise.

The NFPA annual conference 2024 isn’t like any other fire protection industry conference. it is the biggest one in the US and it happens only once per year. On top of that, to quickly summarize, we recommend attending for these significant reasons:

  1. Helps You Stay Informed: Keep up to date on the latest industry trends, standards, and technologies through expert-led sessions and discussions. Being on the expo floor, you’ll see products or services offered from a wide range of companies from the current to the coming soon.
  2. Professional Growth: Whether you’re looking to expand your knowledge base or seeking career advancement, the conference offers a fertile ground for professional development.
  3. Explore Innovations: Witness firsthand the innovations that are reshaping the industry. From smart technologies to sustainable practices, the expo is a treasure trove of groundbreaking solutions.
  4. Networking Opportunities: Due to how big the event is for the fire safety industry. This fire protection expo provides ample opportunity to reach out and connect with other businesses directly and form mutually beneficial partnerships. These partnerships will be able to help you out professionally long term as well if connections are kept up.

The 2023 NFPA Conference was held in Las Vegas. This years NFPA Convention will be held in Orlando, Florida. Right at the Orange County Convention Center. The dates of this event will be from June 17th – 19th, Monday – Wednesday. So mark your calendars for this upcoming event if you’re planning to show up. Make sure to get your passes for the upcoming NFPA Convention here!

Here at Kord Fire Protection, as of now, we are not going to be doing a panel or booth of any type. Things can change, but it doesn’t seem likely. What we will do though, is attend the event with a couple of our guys, and our Founder! We will also be professionally recording parts of the event with our media team, who will go to different booths asking questions and getting insight from manufactures and businesses alike. If you see us, give us a shout!

Check out our recent attendance at the NAFED Conference 2024.

nafed conference
nafed conference 2024
nfpa conference 2024
nfpa annual conference 2024

If you see us at the NFPA convention in June, don’t be a stranger. Come and greet us! We’ll be showing up at NFPA again this year to see whats new, see new faces, see old faces, and check out the upcoming tech hitting our industry soon!

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