If you have a boat or yacht you should have a adequate fire suppression system to makeMarine Fire Suppression sure your investment is protected. We can design and install fire suppression systems for marine vehicle engine rooms from 25 cubic feet as large as 3000 cubic feet. We also carry and install singular fire extinguishers for smaller boats and for cabins and other rooms. Generally you want to have a marine fire suppression systems in the engine room with a one or more single Halon hand-held fire extinguishers, in the control room you need to have a Halon and/ or CO2 portable fire extinguishers and in cabins and other rooms you would need a regular ABC fire extinguishers. For smaller Fire Detection Systemsboats like a single-engine inboard/ out drive boat you can have a fire suppression systems but some people just have two fire extinguishers installed, one CO2 portable fire extinguisher and one ABC portable fire extinguisher.fireboy

fire detection systemsIn addition to fire safety you have to make sure you have a first aid kit and an Automated External Defibrillator (AED). KORD Fire Protection sales and install both and specializes in the sales and installation of Philips Healthcare AED’s.

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