Home fire extinguishers are all classified as ABC class. This means that the majority of all fires that could start in a residential building could be extinguished. In the home fire extinguishers should be place in the kitchen and at an exit. Don’t feel like your over doing it if you place one fire extinguishers at the front and back door. If you live in a multi-floor single family home then you may want to place one upstairs in the hallway. The reason why I suggest that you use all of these fire extinguisher is because most homes do not have a sprinkler system installed. People will also underestimate the possibility that a fire will start. Even if you don’t cook or do anything in your home that could start a fire, what about when your best friend who smokes stays overnight.

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When you buy fire extinguishers you should stick to the 5 pound or 2.5 pound extinguishers because they are easy to handle. Fire extinguishers that are 10 or 20 pounds are sometimes too heavy for some people to handle effectively. You should also make sure that you understand instructions on how to use a fire extinguishers. You would be surprised at how many people point the stream of water or dry powder coming from an extinguishers at the top of the fire and not the base. Finally you should make sure you have a first aid kit in your home and better yet, why don’t you learn CPR. The more you know about safety the better.

Don’t let a horrible situation catch you by surprise, be prepared.

We offer an extensive line of portable fire extinguishers for homes and businesses, wheeled fire extinguishers and specialized fire extinguishers.

Hydrostatic testing is required for fire extinguishers, fire hoses and other cylinders by law after the unit has been in use for an amount of time prescribe by law.

Fire Suppression services include any systems from a foam fire Suppression systems for an aircraft hanger to a restaurant fire Suppression hood system.

Fire sprinkler services should be installed in all commercial buildings. Some older buildings will require fire sprinklers to be installed during renovations.

We have a large selection of fire hoses, fire hoses systems and cabinets for any application. We also hydro-test fire hoses to make sure they are ready when you need them.

Our fire pump services include installation of new fire pumps and repair of your fire pump systems. We are able to troubleshoot any technical deficiency you may have and emergency service is available.

We offer the installation and repair of all emergency lights and are regulation 4 certified. We have 24 hour emergency services to make sure that your building has emergency lights that are operational.

AED, CPR and first aid services bring the protection of your clients and/ or employees full circle. Companies should have one person who is CPR certified and larger corporations should consider having an AED device.



All businesses should have knowledge of fire codes and laws for your area. If you have any questions about these laws please check this section and you can also give us a call for clarity.

Specialization in business sectors for fire protection services is important. We will submit proposals for large projects an excite your corporate or governmental specifications.



The Fire Protection industry is evolving with new innovations. If your company desires the best of the best fire protection systems with technological advancements call Kord Fire Protection.

Fire Alarm & Fire Sprinkler service is the foundation of all fire protection systems in the commercial sector. Your fire alarm systems should have 24 hour monitoring.