vehicle-fire-suppression (1)Companies spend millions of dollar on equipment yearly. Insuring industrial vehicles and employee safety are paramount to productivity. If you have 360 degree protection in place for your employees they are more than likely to be more productive. To make employees feel safe industrial vehicles should have a first aid kit, vehicle safety manual and a fire suppression system in place on all vehicles. Even public transportation vehicles should have all of these components in place for the driver. Because industrial and public transportation vehicles are in operation for long hours at a time they are more prone to a malfunction that can cause a fire.

city bus fire suppressionThe main purpose of the vehicle fire suppression systems is to make sure that the fire is neutralized and does not reach the operator. The second is to completely extinguish the fire and limit damage to the vehicle. Because our systems are custom designed for the vehicle that your company owns or lease it will reduce the cost of insuring the vehicles even in industries with operators who may have accident history. Primarily our systems are based on AMEREX Vehicle Fire suppression Systems but we also have the capability to build a systems per your preferred manufacture requirements.