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At Kord Fire Protection, kitchen fire suppression systems Orange County California is more than just a sale. It is a lifestyle! Our experienced and licensed fire safety technicians design customized solutions to meet your kitchen’s safety requirements.

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Commercial kitchens sport a wide range of equipment and apparatus such as deep fryers, large exhaust hoods, walk-in coolers, ovens, OTGs, gas or electric ranges, mixers and many more. All these are operated within an enclosed space by the chefs. The hot oil odor, cooking smoke and grease fumes circulate through the room continuously. It’s a recipe for an accident! That makes kitchen fire suppression systems Orange County California a necessity rather than a luxury. Your staff and customer’s very life depend on these systems.


Serving Commercial Kitchens, Restaurants & Food Trucks


California laws mandate that every restaurant installs suitable fire suppression mechanisms directly over the cooking equipment. Every restaurant owner must invest in a high-quality kitchen fire suppression system. Our highly trained professionals excel in installation of commercial range hoods, kitchen fire suppressants, testing and inspections of FM 200 systems and UL 300 systems and more.


Commercial Kitchen Fire Regulatory Requirements in California


  • NFPA 17A – It applies to wet chemical systems. These guidelines cover UL 300 standard commercial range hoods.


  • NFPA 96 – It has guidelines for kitchen exhaust hood, ventilation control, safety of commercial food preparation activities, and grease duct. It covers installation of electrical control interlocks, and air ventilation fans.


  • IFC 2012 – These are international fire safety standards pertaining to commercial kitchens. They also cover fire safety guidelines for new and old buildings.


Whether you own a small restaurant or a large commercial food chain, we ensure that your business remains compliant with the latest codes and standards.

Kitchen Fire UL 300 Systems – Installation, Inspections & Repair


Restaurant owners must regularly undertake scheduled servicing to prevent any unfortunate incident. Our kitchen fire suppression systems Orange County California not only extinguish a fire, it does so fast. A UL300 fire suppression system features a wet chemical agent to simultaneously douse, soothe, and cool the fire. Additionally, it features a manual pull station, automatic fuel shut-offs, hood, and more.


Here’s what we do:


  • Semi-annual inspection featuring full-range fire suppression system examination.
  • Extensive testing of heat detectors, grease filters and fuse links in the exhaust hood.
  • Continuous preventive servicing
  • Commercial kitchen fire suppressant system design, redesign and custom installations.
  • On-call emergency repair and replacement


Most insurance companies would count UL300 as a perquisite to providing insurance coverage. In fact, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), also mandates that all commercial kitchens be compliant with UL300 standards.

FM200 Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems


FM200 fire suppression systems are also applicable to generally occupied spaces. Besides kitchens, they can be installed at server rooms, UPS room, healthcare facility and more. Also called, HFC227ea, these are waterless systems that spring into action within 10 seconds of fire detection. It is an extremely safe mechanism as the chemical agent is used in medical inhalers as well. FM200 systems operate by releasing the chemical agent that traps the free radicals including oxygen, fuel and heat in the fire.


Advantages of FM200 systems

  • Large fires are controlled using small concentration and chemical release
  • Occupies less space and fewer cylinders
  • Deploys within 10 seconds and stops fire immediately
  • Quick fire extinguish means less damage to the property
  • Easy to replace and cost-effective refill
  • Environment friendly chemical agent with proven track record

Our experts will undertake a detailed study of your premises to prepare a custom plan for FM200 installation in your premises. FM200 fire suppression is the most commonly fire control system.


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We offer an extensive line of portable fire extinguishers for homes and businesses, wheeled fire extinguishers and specialized fire extinguishers.



Hydrostatic testing is required for fire extinguishers, fire hoses and other cylinders by law after the unit has been in use for an amount of time prescribe by law.



Fire Suppression services include any systems from a foam fire Suppression systems for an aircraft hanger to a restaurant fire Suppression hood system.



Fire sprinkler services should be installed in all commercial buildings. Some older buildings will require fire sprinklers to be installed during renovations.



We have a large selection of fire hoses, fire hoses systems and cabinets for any application. We also hydro-test fire hoses to make sure they are ready when you need them.



Our fire pump services include installation of new fire pumps and repair of your fire pump systems. We are able to troubleshoot any technical deficiency you may have and emergency service is available.



We offer the installation and repair of all emergency lights and are regulation 4 certified. We have 24 hour emergency services to make sure that your building has emergency lights that are operational.



AED, CPR and first aid services bring the protection of your clients and/ or employees full circle. Companies should have one person who is CPR certified and larger corporations should consider more.



All businesses should have knowledge of fire codes and laws for your area. If you have any questions about these laws please check this section and you can also give us a call for clarity.



Specialization in business sectors for fire protection services is important. We will submit proposals for large projects an excite your corporate or governmental specifications.



The Fire Protection industry is always evolving with new innovations and equipment. If your company desires the best of the best fire protection systems we can build you a custom system



Fire Alarm & Fire Sprinkler service is the foundation of all fire protection systems in the commercial sector. Your fire alarm systems should have 24 hour monitoring to make sure that you’re alerted.

Installation of Commercial Range Hoods

Installation of Commercial Range Hoods

WE excel in commercial kitchen hood range in Orange County California. Our tailored solutions ensure safety, performance and efficiency of your operations. Besides the traditional exhaust hood and duct work, we retrofit entire systems to work in conjunction with fire suppression systems as well. Our all services comply with the public safety standards as set forth by the state of California.

Our high-performance exhaust fans capture heat, filter contaminants, and remove the smoke from the cooking space. Even the conventional canopy-style hood system is optimized for minimum efficiency, performance and safety.

  • Type I commercial kitchen hoods – Meant primarily to capture and manage grease, it can feature many other components. These are installed as per manufacturer’s guidelines.
  • Type II commercial kitchen hoods – Their primary focus include heat, vapor, steam and odors. They do not cover grease. They can be further classified as per heat and condensate type.


Delivering Unmatched Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems Orange County California


We are a professional kitchen fire suppression, inspection, repair and servicing company serving the entire Orange County. We provide full-range ‘National Fire Protection Association’ based solutions. Our team helps avoid violations and penalties.


Why Choose Us


  • Fully licensed and trained professionals as per state of California laws
  • Quick response team – we complete inspections in 2-3 business days
  • Automated process – We complete and submit your fire safety inspection reports
  • Scheduled reminder for 6-month and annual fire safety inspections and maintenance
  • Fully stocked store means we have all the systems, models, spare parts available right away
  • We help you comply with insurance provider requirements
  • Plans, permits and approvals – We will handle all your compliance issues
  • Economical rates ensures fire safety inspections are always within your budget


Whether it is new installation or retrofitting your current system, our team delivers the optimal solution to meet your business’s demands. Whether it is hood ventilation or sprinklers, we combine all the crucial elements to create an effective kitchen fire protection solution.


Simply put, we do it all – from start to finish. No wonder the top brands in the food industry trust us!


Call us to schedule appointment for kitchen fire suppression system Orange County California.




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