Knowing how to prevent electrical fires is incredibly important, we’ll be showing you how to prevent commercial buildings from electrical fires.

Electrical fires are one of the most dangerous types of fires that we may encounter. Unlike other fires (e.g. fires caused by paper, cloth, or gasoline), you can’t put an electrical fire out using water – you have to have a specific type of fire extinguisher (either Class Cor Class ABC) available and if you don’t have one, you won’t be able to put the fire out without risking your life.

Fortunately, electrical fires are becoming less and less common, however, it’s still very important that you know how to prevent a commercial building from an electrical fire.

Avoid Extension Cords

Extension cords can be incredibly useful, especially when it comes to plugging in your television with multiple gaming consoles having your computer set up with your phone charging close by.

In some cases, it’ll be important for you to have an extension cord although, for the most part, you should avoid using them long-term. Short-term extension cord usage is relatively safe but when you are constantly using an extension cord(e.g. to power your television and gaming console, as we described above) then the chances of a fire happening are significantly higher.

Outlets are only designed to supply a certain amount of electricity (this will differ depending on where you are from) and when you connect an extension cord to power more than one device, you are forcing the outlet to supply more electricity that it can safely do so. As a result, the outlet will get hotter, you risk blowing a fuse, and if worst comes to worst, a fire could break out.

Fix Corroded Wiring

Electrical wiring should be checked on a regular basis as the corroded wiring is one of the leading reasons for electrical fires. There are a few factors which can cause corroded wiring (such as damaged components, loose connections, or overheating) although most of the time, it’s simply due to the wiring being old and being badly in need of replacing.

Of course, most of your wiring will be on your building’s walls so you won’t notice it at first. However, if you have an electrician do an inspection of your building’s wiring then most of their time will be spent investigating your electrical work. For this reason alone, you should have fire safety checks done regularly and if you want to go a step further, upgrade your commercial building’s electrical system.

Don’t Use High Energy Devices

This should go without saying but high energy devices require a lot of electricity to work properly and as we mentioned above, this can result in outlets overheating and the risk of a fire breaking out drastically increasing.


Have a Class ABC/C Fire Extinguisher

Obviously, you can’t use a fire extinguisher to prevent a fire from breaking out and destroying a building, but you can use an extinguisher to get the fire under control, prevent it from getting out of hand, and perhaps even put it out.

There are two types of fire extinguisher that you can use for electrical fires, Class ABC and Class C, both of which are suitable.


To Conclude…

Some of the precautions that we have listed in this article may come as a bit of a surprise, especially when it comes to extension cords. However, taking as many precautions as possible could not only save an expensive commercial building from burning down but could also prevent invaluable human lives from being lost. At least twice a year, set aside the time to make sure that you’ve put as many precautions in place – it’ll be worth it in the long run.

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