halon fire suppressionHalon 1301 Fire Suppression systems use to be extensively used in many industries as the best solution for fire extinguishing.  They were very popular in business sectors like IT Rooms, museums, laboratories, data centers and any other place that hold sensitive equipment.  Unfortunately in the 1980’s it was found that Halon 1301 systems where depleting the ozone at an incredible rate. The studies that where conducted at the time lead the way to laws that mandated the phase out of these systems for more environmentally friendly solutions. The EPA has some steps you should take and few bullets points that you should know if you have ones of these systems in operations.

  • There is no legal requirement that  you remove your Halon 1301 system
  • Halon 1301 Systems that are in operation can be recharged
  • No new Halon 1301 is manufactured in the united states
  • You should have a plan to eventually replace your system


If you are in need of a recharge with recycled Halon 1301 or need to replace your systems with a environmentally friendly solution, give us a call for a consultation.