Reports from officials have confirmed that hundreds of people living around Diamond Bar have been forced to evacuate the area because of a massive fire outbreak caused by a semi-truck conveying 25 cylinders of compressed hydrogen gas to a different location.

The tragedy struck around 1:20 p.m. Reports from Art Marrujo, a dispatch supervisor with the Los Angeles Country Fire confirmed the major cause of the outbreak to be a leakage from some of the cylinders on the truck.

The effect of the outbreak was also felt near the intersection of Brea Canyon Road and Golden Springs Drive. This has led to the evacuation of about 500 people from the region for safety reasons has crew members make significant efforts to cool the cylinders with water.

Marrujo has promised they will keep the environment safe while they allow every gas in the containers to dissipate completely to prevent further damages and future outbreak.

The good news is; there is no report of any injury from the outbreak despite the area covered by the explosion. Business areas within the location witnessed most of the evacuations because of the adverse effect on those areas.

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