Kord Fire Protection we provide full-range fire extinguisher service Orange County California including new installation, service, recharges, and inspection. Our extensive portfolio of satisfied clients includes commercial, residential, and industrial clients. Over the years, we have earned a reputation for delivering high-quality fire extinguisher solutions at economical prices.

Fire extinguishers are an economical first line of defense at every business location. Whether it’s a large factory or a small business office, fire extinguishers help mitigate the damage quickly. They not only help prevent a fire from spreading but also save lives. Our wide range features products that help douse both chemical and electrical fire. A team of certified fire protection professionals undertakes installation, maintenance, and repair solutions delivering unparalleled customer experience.

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Why Service Fire Extinguishers

Cal OSHA guidelines require that fire extinguishers must be installed at all business locations in the State of California. These regulations require that certified and tested fire extinguishers are installed in easy-to-access areas on the premises. Besides buildings, it also covers vehicles featuring living spaces, stern-drive or inboard engines, closed compartment vehicles, double-wall hulls, and more. Fire extinguishers are not an ‘install-it-forget-it’ system. It needs regular checks, maintenance, and repairs for fire safety protection. The law mandates that annual, monthly, and hydro testing maintenance is carried out periodically.

New Fire Extinguishers, Equipment & Accessories

When we say full range, we mean it! Our inventory features all fire extinguisher models and related equipment. From hoses to cabinets and nozzles, we have them all. Various portable fire extinguishers are available for diverse applications, including homes, factories, industrial units, chemical plants, retail premises and hospitals. We cover the following range of fire extinguishers:

  • Badger
  • Amerex
  • Buckeye
  • Kiddle

Our professionals install water extinguishers, chemical extinguishers, dry or wet type, Halotron extinguishers, CO2 fire extinguishers, and more. Our team can also procure special extinguisher types that meet the specific demands of your premises. We also deal in all types of auxiliary equipment including cabinets, maintenance tools, fire hoses, and nozzles.

Inspection, Service, Recharging & Repair in Orange County

We are Orange County’s best fire extinguisher services firm delivering inspection, servicing, recharge, and repair solutions to local households and businesses. Our team handles all major brands, types and models of fire extinguishers.

  • Monthly Inspections – All establishments operating within Orange County must comply with the California Code of Regulations Title 19, Division 01. It states that monthly fire extinguisher inspections are warranted on part of commercial, industrial and business establishment through certified inspectors. We help businesses stay compliant with these rules via documented inspection drills at your scheduled time.
  • Annual Inspections – Federal and state rules require that businesses must undertake yearly fire extinguisher inspection. Our team performs inspections and also make ‘Building Reports’ to be submitted to local and federal authorities for compliance.

California State Fire Marshal mandates the timely recharge of fire extinguishers. If the equipment has been damaged or used, it must be recharged immediately. Our fully stocked vehicles recharge every model and type of fire extinguisher.

The state of California requires commercial and industrial firms to follow the annual fire safety maintenance and inspection regimen. Whether you own an apartment complex or a chemical plant, we can help you comply with the local fire safety regulations and avoid penalties. We undertake extensive annual fire extinguisher maintenance, including ongoing, recertification and one-time inspections throughout Orange County.

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Extensive Inventory – Covering All Models, Types, and Brands

There’s no model we cannot repair and no brand we don’t sell. Our team is trained to repair or service all the major models and types of fire extinguishers. Here is a glance into what we deal in:

  • Purple K Dry Chemical
  • Halotron 1211
  • Compliance Flow
  • ABC Dry Chemical
  • Carbon Dioxide CO2
  • Wet Chemical K Class (Kitchen)
  • Halotron I Clean Agent
  • Dry Chemical
  • Water Mist Non Magnetic
  • Trolley and Wheeled type
  • D Class (Salt/Sodium)
  • FFFP and AFFF Foam
  • D Class (Lithium Alloy/Copper)

Onsite Fire Extinguisher Training

Not everyone in your premises knows how to locate and operate a fire extinguisher. People in your organization must learn how to use a fire extinguisher. Training covers many issues like how to report a fire, what should be the immediate response, memorize escape routes, operate a fire extinguisher, and help a colleague. Annual training drills should be organized that covers both new and seasoned employees so that they can adequately assist emergency crews. All training activities, demonstrations and classes must be documented for future reference.

Our professionals will give a detailed onsite demonstration that trains your employees on how to operate various types of fire extinguishers to douse the flames early or find a safe passage out of the fire. Live fire demonstrations can also be scheduled upon request.

We offer an extensive line of portable fire extinguishers for homes and businesses, wheeled fire extinguishers and specialized fire extinguishers.

Hydrostatic testing is required for fire extinguishers, fire hoses and other cylinders by law after the unit has been in use for an amount of time prescribe by law.

Fire Suppression services include any systems from a foam fire Suppression systems for an aircraft hanger to a restaurant fire Suppression hood system.

Fire sprinkler services should be installed in all commercial buildings. Some older buildings will require fire sprinklers to be installed during renovations.

We have a large selection of fire hoses, fire hoses systems and cabinets for any application. We also hydro-test fire hoses to make sure they are ready when you need them.

Our fire pump services include installation of new fire pumps and repair of your fire pump systems. We are able to troubleshoot any technical deficiency you may have and emergency service is available.

We offer the installation and repair of all emergency lights and are regulation 4 certified. We have 24 hour emergency services to make sure that your building has emergency lights that are operational.

AED, CPR and first aid services bring the protection of your clients and/ or employees full circle. Companies should have one person who is CPR certified and larger corporations should consider having an AED device.



All businesses should have knowledge of fire codes and laws for your area. If you have any questions about these laws please check this section and you can also give us a call for clarity.

Specialization in business sectors for fire protection services is important. We will submit proposals for large projects an excite your corporate or governmental specifications.



The Fire Protection industry is evolving with new innovations. If your company desires the best of the best fire protection systems with technological advancements call Kord Fire Protection.

Fire Alarm & Fire Sprinkler service is the foundation of all fire protection systems in the commercial sector. Your fire alarm systems should have 24 hour monitoring.


Besides the monthly and annual checks, hydrostatic testing must be performed every five to 12 years. Only a trained and certified professional can perform hydrostatic testing and give suitable certification accepted by the local authorities. The inspector pressurizes the cylinder with water and checks its safety standards.

CO2, wet, chemical, and pressurized fire extinguishers must be tested hydrostatically after every five years. Dry chemical type must undergo inspection every twelve years. The device must be dent-free, leak-proof, inspector’s initials, and have correct pressure gauge arrow display. The service tag attached to each device must mention the complete hydrostatic testing date and details.

Fire Extinguisher Service Orange County – Trusted since 1999

We are the undisputed leader in fire extinguisher services in Orange County. Our expertise in fire extinguisher refill comes from decades of experience. We cover all the facets, including service, maintenance, stands, brackets, repairs, cabinets, replacements, dolly carts, covers, wall hangings and more.

Our trucks are fully stocked and dispatched within minutes of scheduling an appointment. Our inventory features all models, brands, types, and their spare parts. Also, our fire extinguisher sales promise the lowest prices. Whether you are looking for a quick replacement or a detailed fire extinguisher certification for your large industrial complex, our dedicated team is ready for the challenge.

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