From 5 o’clock on the evening of Friday, a ban is being imposed on outdoor fires in Coweta County.

Only fires contained in a grill will be permitted. As a result of wildfire danger, no other fires are allowed. The weather conditions forecasted today of high winds, in conjunction conditions that are very dry and significant leaf fall, create a high fire risk.

The next few days will be dangerous according to Wilson, with tomorrow promising to be rather interesting.
Should officials see someone with a fire burning, they will extinguish it and give a final warning.
In this instance,

If Coweta Fire officials find someone burning a fire, they’re going to put it out and issue a warning.
According to Wilson, it is not considered acceptable to have to educate people regarding such an offence more than once.

The Board of Commissioners for Coweta County had to call a meeting on Friday in order to alter the ordinances to allow for the fire restriction to be enacted.

Prior to this, the Fire Prevention and Protection Ordinance for the county had no provisions that enabled fire marshals to limit the burning of recreational fires. (For these purposes defined as bonfires, campfires, chimineas, outdoor fireplaces, fire bowls, etc.

Al Smith, the commissioner raised the question of what someone should do if the saw a fire being burned. He stated that he wouldn’t want to have to tell someone that what they were doing was illegal.
Wilson responded that in this instance the fire marshal could be contacted and they would deal with the issue respectfully,

It was further noted that the ordinance would be in place until the dry conditions were sufficiently improved by enough rain. Newnan City placed a ban on fires on Thursday.