Fire Drills must be held annually, as mandated by the Los Angeles Fire Department. Our unique formula is proven to streamline your drill evacuation process and maximize communication, organization, and confidence among your staff and occupants. By breaking down the chain of command into small, manageable groups, we’ll help you get out fast and get out safe. We also handle the written tenant notices, event scheduling, and organize the required pre-drill meeting for your Essential Building Personnel and Floor Wardens.

Attendees include:

  • General Population
  • Managers
  • Floor Wardens & Monitors
  • Safety Coordinators
  • Management
  • Administration
  • Maintenance
  • Engineering
  • Security
  • Supervisors
  • Parking Attendants
  • Tenant Notices and Compliance Packet

We prepare legal notification for tenants along with simple instructions for the Fire Safety Director to appoint Floor Wardens (per Ordinance #180648). Additionally we provide a tenant packet that covers all preparation aspects of your fire drill. When drill day arrives you will be ready to get out fast and get out safe.

To view the Tenant Notice and Compliance Packet Click Here

High Rise Special Needs Requirements

The emergency plan shall include the names and locations of occupants who have voluntarily, in writing, self-identified their need for assistance and the type of aid required to exit the building during emergency See Ordinance #180648 – Page 5 – Section e
High Rise Occupant Instruction and Training
All occupants shall be instructed annually and participate in the mandatory fire drill. Instruction shall be made available to new occupants within 14 days
See Ordinance #180648 – Page 5 – Section f

Fire Drills – Buildings under 35 stories

Commercial and Residential High-Rise buildings less that 35 stories shall conduct fire drills at least annually. See Ordinance #180648 – Page 6 – Item 1
Fire Drills – Buildings 35 stories and higher
Commercial and Residential High-Rise buildings 35 or more stories shall conduct fire drills at least annually on individual floors, and when practical, shall includes at least 5 floors at a time…every three years there shall be a total evacuation drill.
A fire safety officer from the Los Angeles Fire Department shall be present to witness the total building evacuation drill.