5 Ruling Fire Suppression Systems for Restaurants and Commercial Kitchens

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Restaurants and commercial kitchens are the most vulnerable places to fire hazards. Their staff cooks relentlessly using grease and oils, which cause a hazardous environment in the kitchen. Besides, these vegetable fats have the potential to turn a small spark or errant flame into a full-blown blaze within seconds. This is why restaurant owners install fire suppression systems in their kitchens to ensure the safety of their employees, customers, and property.


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If you are running a restaurant and having a commercial kitchen like a food truck, here are some of the sought-after fire suppression systems you can employ now.
Best Fire Suppression Systems for Your Restaurant


Kidde Fire Suppression System


Kidde fire suppression systems have been ruling the market since 1917. Reinforced with an alarm control panel and clean agents that don't leave a residue, these systems protect a range of cooking appliances like char-broilers, fryers, grills, works, and more. Typically, this kind of fire suppression system is most prevalent among commercial kitchens of dining restaurants, hotels, fast-food chains, etc.


Kitchen Mister Fire Suppression System

The Kitchen Mister fire suppression system is a CE marked pre-engineered, wet chemical equipment. This system discharges a potassium-based extinguishing agent to suppress the grease-laden fires in three ways:

  1. The agent halts the chemical reaction causing combustion.
  2. The agent is dispersed in a very fine mist, which cools down the fire below its auto-ignition temperature.
  3. The agent turns the grease into soap, which prevents combustion and re-ignition.

Besides, the system is designed to activate automatically upon sensing the fire. When it activates, a pre-determined amount of chemical agent is diffused through the piping network to the duct and cooking appliances. Hence, this equipment is considered to be the most useful kitchen fire suppression system ever.

Ansul Fire Suppression System

Ansul is a renowned fire suppression brand. It manufactures two types of fire suppression systems for restaurants and commercial kitchens – Ansul Piranha and Ansul R-102.
The Piranha is a dual agent fire suppression system that has surpassed all the traditional single-agent systems. This system employs the best fire extinguishing characteristics of two agents, i.e., the fast flame suppression of a wet chemical and the quick cool down potential of water. Piranha covers twice the area covered by single-agent systems. Besides, it cools down the burning fats 15X faster than wet chemical systems.

The Ansul R-102 wet chemical agent system leverages specialized nozzles that aim at specific hazard spots on each appliance. This, in turn, snuffs out the fire with little to no collateral damage.
Amerex KP Fire Suppression System. The Amerex KP fire suppression system is a pre-engineered, wet chemical system having a fixed nozzle chemical agent distribution network. This system discharges a potassium acetate-based liquid agent that extinguishes the cooking fats fires by breaking them down into soaps or glycol.

Moreover, the system interrupts the gas or electrical power to the cooking appliances upon activation, which stops the fire from permeating. Thus, the Amerex KP fire suppression system knocks down the fire and cools down the fuel, saving your business from potential losses.

Experts recommend installing the Amerex KP system and Amerex Model B260 system in your kitchen to overcome the threat of losing lives and business due to fire.


Range Guard Fire Suppression System


The Range Guard fire suppression system is the foremost UL-listed wet chemical system and has been in demand for four decades. It offers 24/7 detection of heat and automatically shuts off the fire line when a fire is detected. In case of a fire breakout, the system disperses a fast-acting wet chemical agent, which quickly breaks down the cooking fats into harmless soap. Thus, this equipment not only quenches the fire but also prevents it from re-flashing.


Closing Thoughts
Fire fueled by grease and oils can wreak havoc and burn down your restaurant to the ground. Installing any of these fire suppression systems can help you suppress the fire quickly and preserve your property for ages.


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