Business Checklist for Fire and Safety

Every business must take steps to ensure that their workplace is safe. This article will be to walk you through an ideal checklist for a business’s fire and safety procedures.

You might think that understanding fire and safety is fairly straight-forward and while this is somewhat true, it’s important that you have a business checklist for fire and safety to ensure that you don’t miss out any small important details when putting precautions in place.

Businesses have to account for any potential fire hazards that may happen, how employees and customers can effectively escape the building in the event of a fire, as well as ensuring that there are fire extinguishers and any other necessary equipment available. In this article, we’ll be going into more depth and listing the most important things that your business’s fire and safety checklist should entail.


What Fire Hazards or Risks Are There?

Regardless of what steps you take to secure your business’s property there are always going to be fire hazards. Simply having an electronic device plugged in is a fire risk – albeit a very small risk, but still a risk.

In regard to any fire hazards that you find and have listed, you should put in the effort to minimize the risk of a fire breaking out and if a fire were to break out, ensure that you have the appropriate equipment to deal with it.


Do You Have the Appropriate Equipment?

Many people don’t know much about the different pieces of equipment that are available aside from a fire extinguisher, but there are several other pieces of equipment which are important in the event of a fire.

Fire alarms, smoke detectors, sprinkler systems – all things which could save your business from financial devastation as well as potentially save a lot of lives. Even having a few fire blankets placed around the building can go a long way when comforting anyone who was affected.


When Was the Last Time Your Business Had a Fire Safety Assessment?

Fire safety assessments are crucial to ensuring the safety of your customers, employees, and yourself. If there’s a fire safety risk in your business then having it fixed immediately is in your best interests – although, as you might have guessed, you aren’t able to have something fixed if you don’t know that it’s a risk.

For that reason, it’s a good idea to have a fire safety assessment conducted in your business at least once a year, although opting to have one every few months is preferable and can help to catch any vulnerabilities in the early stages thus preventing them from getting out of hand.


Are There Clear Signs Indicating Fire Exits and Equipment?

This is especially important if you have customers wandering in and out of your business every day or if you regularly have to hire new staff. There’s no telling when a fire is going to break out so it’s a necessity that anyone nearby knows where your fire extinguishers are located, where the nearest fire exits are, and where any other equipment is located.

In many places, it is a legal requirement for there to be clear signage indicating these things although regardless of the law, it takes no more than a few minutes to print out and put up a few signs throughout your place of business.

To Conclude…

These are just the main pointers to look out for but if you were to contact a fire marshal for a fire assessment, they’d go into more detail and what your checklist should consist of. There’s no such thing as too much fire safety!


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